Tiletec have invested in the careers of young enthusiastic apprentices since their formation in 1991.

Apprenticeships LogoOver the last 20 years, Tiletec have trained 20 apprentices, the vast majority of whom have progressed to become employed members of the tiling team. A fully trained tiler may expect to earn a significant wage although the salary calculation depends upon three criteria: the quality of work, the level of experience and square metres tiled.

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Tiling Apprenticeships in Surrey by Tiletec

Interview with current Apprentice – Sam

Tiletec Apprentice


I joined Tiletec as an apprentice at 21 and I’m currently in my improver year of my apprenticeship.  The position with Tiletec was the one that stood out to be the most professional opportunity for me, and I believed I would learn a lot from them. In terms of the apprenticeship, we have very little paperwork to complete; so most of the time we are hands on and I enjoy working in the environment with the other tilers and learning from my mentor.I have just helped in a project at Streatham where we did all the tiling at a new leisure complex including an ice-rink and swimming pool.  It was really interesting using a variety of tiles in both the pools and changing rooms and I enjoyed watching the project in its entirety being completed and the skills needed to do so.  It makes me proud that the public get to use a facility that I have contributed towards and hope that one day I will go back and use the facilities myself.

Interview with Senior Site Supervisor – Denis

Tiletec Apprentice


I completed my 4 year apprenticeship with Ron Osborne, our current MD’s father in 1990, which back then was a YTS scheme. I have stayed with the family business ever since. Tiletec look after us really well and we’re always busy! I’m now training apprentices myself, currently looking after 3, who are in different stages of their qualification. Apprenticeships aren’t too different to what they were then in practical terms, but one thing that has changed is the Health and Safety. Back then, we just got on with the job, but now the safety aspect of the job is part of the apprenticeship training. I enjoy getting stuck into the challenging projects like leisure centres and especially swimming pools where there could be up to 30 different types of tiles to be installed. It keeps the brain ticking as there are always lots of different calculations and measurements to work out.


Julian has over 32 years service within the contract flooring sector having started as a trainee surveyor at the age of 17. He spent the last 22 years at Peter Evans Contract Interiors in South Wales where he obtained the position of managing estimator. Julian brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge in estimation and cost management and has a perspicacious mind for all commercial and operational aspects of the business.


Kris joined Tiletec in February 2016 bringing operational and contractual experience from a specialist sub-contractor as well as previous sales and business development knowledge from a corporate environment. As contracts manager, Kris ensures that effective communication links and good working relationships are maintained between our customers and Tiletec to achieve high standards of project satisfaction.